The War in Iraq

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, a teach-in was held at Loyola, at which I was invited to speak. I made a short presentation at that event, and then at three subsequent teach-ins. I also contributed a small piece to the Loyola University Peace Studies Newsletter.

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"Machiavelli and Morality: Mr. Bush Goes to War" at the Teach-In on Iraq, Loyola University, October 7, 2002 (.doc) (.rtf) (.txt)

"The State of Our Union" Loyola University Peace Studies Newsletter (March, 2003): 1-3. (.doc) (.rtf) (.txt)

"On Justifying This War: Torture, Lies and Basic Principles" at the Loyola Universtiy Peace Studies Iraq War Teach-In, March 26, 2003 (.doc) (.rtf) (.txt)

"Iraq - One Year Later" at the Loyola Teach-In, March 31, 2004 (.doc) (.rtf) (.txt)

"The Courage of Violence, the Cowardice of Violence" at the Loyola Anti-War Teach-In, March 20, 2005 (.doc) (.rtf) (.txt)