Department of Sociology


I am a doctoral candidate in sociology, specializing in work and gender. I also have an interest in urban sociology. I moved to Loyola from the UK to do my graduate work. My undergraduate degree, taken in 1984, was in Archeology, and I worked as a field archeologist before moving into community work. I decided to go to graduate school at Loyola because I visited Chicago and was impressed by the work of CURL, Loyola's Center for Urban Research and Learning. I was a graduate scholar there for several years.

I have taught SOCL 271 Sociology of Gender many times, as well as SOCL 125 Social Problems and SOCL 121 Chicago Growth of a Metropolis.

My Master's thesis was called "Women Without Children: Making Decisions about Mothering in the Life Course", and was based on semi-structured interviews with women over 35 who did not have children.

My doctoral research is a qualitative study of nursing assistants in a Chicago-area hospital.

Outside of school, my interests are mainly musical- I sing Sacred Harp and folk music, and enjoy music of many different kinds, from World Music to Opera. I also like to go to the movies, but tend to prefer offbeat and foreign films to mainstream Hollywood fare.