Department of Sociology

CNA STUDY- Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about?

I am a PhD candidate in sociology at Loyola University Chicago and I am looking for people who are CNAs at your hospital to interview for my study of nursing assistants who work in hospitals, called "Who Cares? The Role of Nursing Assistants in the Labor Process of Hospital Nursing"

The project has the approval of the hospital, but all interviews will be confidential and anonymous- the hospital will not know if you have been interviewed, and interviews will take place outside of work hours. The interview will take no more than 90 minutes, and you can choose a place that is convenient for you.

I can't pay for your time, but I am offering a Target gift card for $20 in thanks for your participation.

What will the interview be like?

I will ask you questions about your daily routine at work, your role within the nursing team, your family, previous work experience, career aspirations, education and some basic demographic information. The goal is to learn more about the role of nursing assistants in hospitals and to help improve other people's understanding of your work.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you do not have to answer any questions that you do not feel comfortable with. You will be asked to sign a consent form that explains how the information will be used and what your rights are as a participant.

What happens to the information I give you?

I will record the interview using a digital recorder, and transcribe your words, changing your name. I will then analyze what you say, along with all the other interviews and use the information in my PhD dissertation and for academic presentations and articles, which may be published. I may quote you in some work, but your name will be changed, and I will not publish any personally identifiable information about you.

How can I arrange an interview?

If you don't mind being interviewed in the hospital, I have a regular room booking in a quiet corner away from management offices, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm, which means I can interview most people before or after their shift. If you want to schedule at one of these times, please click the Book Now symbol at the bottom of this page. You can check for available slots and book directly, or just email me at with your preferences, or call me at (773) 801-5865.

If you prefer to be interviewed away from the hospital, I can interview you at Loyola University Lake Shore campus (Coffey Hall, Room 418) or at a quiet coffee shop or any quiet public space that is convenient to you. My time is quite flexible, so let me know when you would be free.

I want more information

You can email me or call me with any questions. You can also talk to the chair of this research project, Dr. Anne Figert, at (773) 508 3431. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you may call Loyola University's Assistant Director of Research Compliance at (773) 508-2689.