bike club


    Our last meeting of the semester will be this Friday, May 2nd! Come on by and chat us up. We meet at 4:30 in front of Mertz and will be going for a bike ride after the meeting if this weather permits.

    And if you don’t have a bike, but still want to ride, let us know! Many of us have two or three bikes so there are extras usually around.

    We have been working with a lot of groups around campus trying to start our rent-a-bike program. Basically we want every student on campus to have the opportunity to ride a bike for free. Yes FREE. All you have to do is stop by CFSU and check out a key and helmet and go unlock your bike. It’s yours for 24 hours; allowing you to travel to just about anywhere without spewing more of those nasty carbon emissions!

    Here is where we stand. We have the bikes. We have the knowledge and the dedication to offer a free bicycle rental program. USGA is in the process of distributing funds for the end of the year, and with help from SEA we have been working to secure enough money for us to purchase the tools and replacement parts needed to get the bikes in working order. 

What we still need are a few more willing hands to offer help in getting these bikes ready to ride. You don’t need any experience working on bikes, and there will be music and refreshments! We want to see more people on bikes, because they are green, healthy and fun to get around on!