Recent News

9/2014 - Ciszek and Killelea groups host the local AVS

7/2014 - Jake gets tenure

5/2014 - Dan joins the lab

5/2014 - Haejun joins the lab

5/2014 - Chris leaves for med school

5/2014 - Shawn has been awarded a Mulcahy Scholarship

4/2014 - Matt leaves for the Army Research Lab

4/2014 - Brittni has been awarded a Schmitt Fellowship

4/2014 - Matt's paper has been accepted by the Journal of Organic Chemistry

The Lab


Bruker Tensor 37 Fourier Transform IR Spectrometer

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Shimadzu UV 255 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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KP Technology Kelvin Probe

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Gaertner Stokes LSE Ellipsometer

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Kurt J. Lesker Nano 38 Evaporator

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Innovative Technologies Glovebox

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