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Fields of Interest

I am an associate professor of economics in the Quinlan School of Business Administration at Loyola University Chicago. We offer a specialized MBA in Health Care Management and I teach the Healthcare Economics course in that program.

My research explores the economics of negative health behaviors, including how long-term unemployment affects suicide and how the development of obesity during adolescence relates to the intergenerational transmission of parental characteristics, such as education.

Personal Background

I grew up in Pennsylvania (in the heart of Amish country) and then moved to Kansas (in the heart of wheat country, specifically Newton). I then moved up to Minnesota to attend Macalester College where I earned a B.A. with majors in economics and math. After graduating, I enrolled in the graduate program of economics at the University of Chicago where I received an M.A. in economics. Following my studies at Chicago, I started work at National Economic Research Associates (NERA) where I worked on some exciting antitrust cases and a book. After three years of working in the private sector, I decided to return to graduate school at UW-Madison. Madison is a nice town. I completed my Ph.D. in economics in December 2006 and now I'm back in Chicago where I am enjoying teaching and doing research at Loyola and living in Andersonville.


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