fractured sun

"Bright is the earth when thou risest in the horizon,
When thou shinest as Aton by day
Thou drivest away the darkness
When thou sendest thy rays,
The Two Lands (Egypt) are in daily festivity
Awake and standing upon their feet
When thou has raised them up
Their limbs bathed, they take their clothing
Their arms uplifted in adoration to thy dawning
(Then) in all the world they do their work."

from the Royal Hymn to Aton as found in
The Cambridge Ancient History volume 2, p.118
(Cambridge University Press: London:1924)

small sun

"The day has risen,
Go I to behold the dawn,
Hao! you maidens!
The white-rising!
The yellow-rising!
It has become light."

John Bierhorst (editor)
In the Trail of the Wind
(Farrar, Straus & Giroux: New York: 1971)

" all the world they do their work..."

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