My Personal Creed
Walt Slazyk

I was inspired to give thought to my beliefs and publish this creed by the personal creed of Mr. Rockerfeller on display in Rockerfeller Center in New York City. My words are not cast is bronze like his but their importance to me is no less great. - I freely share them with whomever reads this and encourage you to think about your own personal beliefs.

I believe in God, the Supreme Being, who created us and gave us the special gifts of intelligence, creativity, emotion and free will.

I believe His purpose for us is to use these gifts to experience our lives as fully as we can and to help each other along the way.

I believe the best way to fullfill this purpose is to live our lives according to the Ten Commandmants of Moses guided by the love and forgiveness taught to us by Jesus of Nazareth.

I believe that God has given us adversities, both physical and mental, so that we may face them squarely and honestly and strive to overcome them. I believe by doing so we gain God's favor and also develop the understanding and compassion He would like us to have toward each other's adversities. With whatever success we should have in facing our struggles, I believe it is proper that we humbly enjoy that success.

I believe another gift from God is this wonderous and fantastic world He has created for us to live in. As a special gift, we should treasure and protect the earth while at the same time we enjoy its bounty and its beauty. The beauty we experience with our senses and also the beauty we experience with our intelligence and what frail understanding it gives us of the universe and its complex nature.

I believe that true judgement of a man belongs only to God and as such, when we are forced to judge others we should do so with as much compassion and understanding as possible. But just as God has given us free will and thus holds us accountable for our actions so should we hold each other collectively, individually and personally accountable.

I believe the most important gift He has given us is Love. By knowing love for each other, in some small way, we begin to understand what God feels for us.


revised: Sept. 25, 2000 (reformatted)