Philosopy and Religion

I make no claim to be anything other than an amateur philosopher. I am certainly not studied but rather simply a person like everyone through the ages who is trying to make some sense of the world and the people in it. This is what religion tries to do but in a formalized, rigid way that differs from our general definition of philosopy which involves more individual thought and sometimes, more belief. What you'll find here is a random collection of my thoughts and ideas in no particular order.

Some philosphers contend that there is no God or that God exists because we need to think there is a God. While I cannot say with absolute proof that God exists I certainly believe there is a God and that He has touched my life. That is why I lead off this portion of my web space with...

My last day on earth.

Vastness (Thoughts on the Nanaimo ferry.)

A dilemma of inconsistency resolved.